About Me

Hi, I’m Mishi! I’m a mother-of-a-certain-age (old) to two fabulous, loud and rambunctious little boys that I adore with all my heart, and care for with my partner, Jim. We share a century-old house that is a constant source of both pleasure and pain, and provides no end of projects.

We share our home with two cats, one incorrigible dog, several hens, and an ever-changing population of fish. In the near future I hope to add a lizard or two to the menagerie. (I’d also love to have a couple of goats, but Jim and current zoning laws say, “No.”)

I garden. It’s my thing. When I’m not gardening, I’m desperately searching for other things to do. Home improvement is one thing. Fixing broken stuff is another. But when neither of those is practical, well, I dabble. (I dabble a lot.)

I want to share my trials and triumphs, and to learn from you. Let’s do this.