Hard(scape) Work

The weather finally got lovely, but it’s too early to start planting, and I can’t afford plants right now anyway. (Heavy sigh.) That’s okay, though, because it’s on days like these, this time of year, when I need and sometimes manage to get some less pleasant jobs done. This year, it’s resetting flagstones in the driveway – not high on my list of fun things to do.

The big problem is that when the edge stones begin to fail, everything behind them does the same. Mortar breaks, then weeds and grass find a purchase, and they break down the mortar even more, and then it’s dogs and cats living together.

So you gotta fix those edge stones.

Now, I love my flagstone driveway, and it’s a good thing I do, because resetting flagstones is a pain. For one thing, rocks are heavy. Also, so is concrete, especially when yo’re mixing it by hand. There is digging involved that does not end with lovely new plants being plugged in. Like so much maintenance, its’s one of those things that has to be done if you want to keep things as they should be. I’m far more fond of doing things that make things better.

I managed to get two stones set with the two bags of concrete I had on hand. I will be much more conservative in the future when it comes to deciding which stones need to be reset, and which can gather the proverbial moss for a few years more.

This will be an ongoing project. I’ll share some before and after photos and advice as the project mores forward. For now, ow.

Did I mention that rocks are heavy?

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