The Quilling Experiment

My mom was a “hobby hopper.” One week she’d be diligently creating macrame plant hangers; the next, building a television from a mail-order kit. At one point she took up quilling – the centuries-old art of coiling paper into decorative forms. It was a craft that fascinated me, and I often tried to join in, twirling bits of paper around toothpicks then squishing them into various shapes.

A few weeks ago I bought a quilling kit from Amazon. It sat on the shelf for an unusually short time (less than three months!) before I decided to give it a go. My first coils were far from perfect, but I found it enjoyable and soothing, and the basic shapes came to me easily.

I made these. Go, me!

In no time, my ten year old joined me and promptly had it down to an art. Kids.

I love color, and with quilling I can play with any color I wish. The process of coiling is almost meditative, and pressing the bits into shape is just plain fun. It will be a while before I create anything beyond the basics, but I think the kit won’t just sit in its bin on the shelf.

If nothing else, the ten year old will use it.

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